So you just switched from a chemical deodorant to a natural deodorant and your armpits are fussing at you!!! What’s this all about? You said natural was better!

This is your pits saying, “thank you mom (dad) but I need to regurgitate the junk you suffocated me with before I can dance the happy dance!”

How do you know if you’re going through a detox period? You’ll notice bumps or inflammation and your pits may itch or sting a little.  Don’t be alarmed this is a good thing!! Toxins, bacteria, and fake chemical crud are all inflammatory substances that aluminum antiperspirants keep trapped inside your body. Your lymph nodes are responsible for filtering this yuck from your pits and they can become inflamed as they detox.   This is not a comfortable phase but press forward because once your pits are set free you’ll be able to continue use of the Armor.

What to do? Stop using Underarm Armor for several days. Call me (903-819-9929) and I will send in the SILVER!! Yes, the SILVER. This is a spray deodorant metal detox. I formulated it for detoxing pits and for my daughter because she can’t use any products with baking soda. It’s a GREAT deodorant! It’s just really weird and different than anything I’ve ever used but I LOVE IT. My daughters friends are loving it. My husband loves it. I’m almost ready to put it up on this site for sale. If you want to read more about the Silver all natural deo read my article called Silver Salvation (coming soon).

You’ll use this for several days and when your pits clear up you can go back to using the Armor. I actually had to do this back and forth about 3 times. I now use Underarm Armor most of the time but I have fallen in love with the Silver too and use it periodically. Not because I have to because I want to.

You may want to use it forever.  It’s the only thing my hubby will use.

The main thing is ……do NOT stop using Armor and turn back to conventional chemical deo’s… must push through the detox phase.  This doesn’t happen to all people since we all have different body chemistry. It DID happen to me and it’s pretty common. If you’re experiencing a detox be pleased with yourself because your body is recognizing and responding to your decision to switch from chemicals to all natural.

SUPER IMPORTANT INFO HERE—There is a difference between detoxing and having a bad reaction to baking soda. Some people cannot use baking soda on their skin at all. This is the case for my daughter …….. So, if you have a burning reaction which may have red bumps and a lot of inflammation and it truly hurts please stop using the Armor and switch to oneBody natural deodorant called Silver. It works ALL DAY. Please read about it in my Silver Salvation article. (coming soon)