oneBody started because of a desire for a natural deodorant that worked…


For many years of my life I was in search of the best deodorant and so often disappointed. Scented, unscented, in never mattered much, by the end of the day I would end up showering again just to get the chemical stick off my pits.

Mostly, whatever I used would cover up any B.O. smell but there would always be the scent and layer of “yuck”. Baby powder yuck, fruity smell yuck, tropical smell yuck and best of all unscented yuck. My loofa scrub went to work daily to rid my pits of (not B.O.) but chemical deodorant smell. Call me “scentsative” if you may, but I share my true feelings.


When I became aware that the aluminum in these deodorants were linked to breast cancer and dementia I decided to use all natural deodorant.

I tried several. Many natural deodorants worked on me for only ½ day and the BO kicked it. I liked the fact that I didn’t battle that layer of yucky stinky film my old deo’s left on my pits but I couldn’t find one that actually kept me from smelling like B.O.


I was now on a quest to make my own natural deodorant. After 9 months of trial and error; several months of using my friends and family as test subjects I have finally come up with an all natural deodorant “that works”!

I am so excited to share this with you and I know it will bless you and your family!

What people are saying about oneBody!

MY PITTS ARE AMAZINGLY STINK FREE because of your deodorant!!!! I’ve used everything. The only other natural deodorant I use is lime or lemon. Seriously need to patent your product. I’m believing you are a king. Financing the Kingdom with your God idea. Posting this on my page. Proud of you!!!!!

Frances Santa Rallis

We love it….

Michelle Simmons

Best deodorant I’ve ever used.

Tammy Hatter

I work construction all day every day. Regardless of what brand I have used in the past I am no fun to be around by late afternoon. With Debi’s Underarm Armor I am absolutely odor free when I arrive home after a long day. I highly recommend this amazing stuff…..

Jeff S

Hi Debi!!!! I’ve been wanting to tell you how awesome your deodorant is!!!! No matter how hot and sweaty I got while we’ve been moving, I never stunk 🙂 🙂